Masonic Leadership Training

Masonic Education is an ongoing process whereby all Masons, throughout the world, further their knowledge about the Craft. It begins with education for candidates about the Three Symbolic Degrees, and it continues with instruction of Masonic history, tradition, philosophy, Masonic Law, Lodge administration, and procedures in the everyday management of the Lodges. Brothers, the world over, you should have a working knowledge of these topics, not only as Lodge Officers, but as dedicated Masons. If not, now is the time to prepare yourself. If you have an educational topic or article that you would like added, Please forward it to the Lodge Secretary.

Masonic Leadership Training
The Grand Lodge of Florida developed this comprehensive course of study to instruct Brothers on the proper procedures and responsibilities of each Lodge Officers, and how to conduct the important business of their particular Lodge. Courses are presented by the District Chairman, and a certificate is issued upon successful completion of all 15 modules.

Lodge Office Training
The Grand Lodge of Florida encourages all members of the Craft to further their knowledge of Lodge operation, especially those concerning the Elected and Appointed Officers of each particular Lodge. The Lodge Officers Training program was designed to educate and test your knowledge of Lodge procedures, business, penal code, and other areas.

Master Mason Exams
The Grand Lodge of Florida provides Master Mason Examinations to be open book type exams, designed to give any Master Mason the opportunity to increase his knowledge of some of the Ancient Tenets, Rules and Regulations of Masonry. They contain a mixture of multiple choice, True or False, or essay questions which should be answered on the answer sheet, as provided in the exam downloads.

Schools of Instruction
The Grand Lodge of Florida supports both District and Zone Schools of Instruction. Each school is presided over by the District Instructor, appointed by the Grand Master. District Schools concentrate on instruction concerning the symbolic Degrees and general business of the Lodge. Zone Schools place more emphasis on the esoteric work of Freemasonry.

GL Books and Exams
The Lodge System of Masonic Education is simple, practicable, and is employed under the immediate authority and direction of the Lodge. It works at the point where Education is most needed and best appreciated, namely, with the candidate himself, and the results, if the method is used consistently, automatically guarantee themselves.

Masonic Etiquette
Masonic Etiquette belongs to the empire of good manners, that code by which gentlemen the world over govern their conduct; but this principle with us is found to apply in two directions. On the one hand it becomes a manifested respect for the Craft of Freemasonry as a whole; on the other hand it is a form of courtesy to each individual Brother.