Hubert-Iris Allen Scholarship – Spaghetti Dinner

Dear Brethren,
Charity is a hallmark of Masonry. We have had different fund raisers to raise funds for our
charitable donations to our adopted school, Hubert-Iris Allen Scholarship, etc. Unfortunately, all
these fund raisers are made possible by a few brothers working to put these together as well as
some brothers coming to participate. So our charitable contributions are really the result of only
a few brothers.

I am asking each brother to remember that charity is part of our activity. We need to raise
money for the Hubert-Iris Allen scholarship. I am asking each brother to send a donation to the
Lodge for this activity. Please mark it Scholarship Fund.

The Lodge mailing address is: P.O.Box 816, Brandon, FL 33509

We will have a link on our web site to allow donation through Square. You can indicate the
amount you wish to donate. The link is:\

On November 13th, we will have a spaghetti dinner at the Lodge, serving from 11:30-1:30.
Every brother that donates $10 or more, please come and have fun and fellowship. This is a
thank you for supporting the scholarship fund. If you want an additional dinner, tickets will be
available at the door.

If you don’t send a donation, we will have tickets available for the dinner. Cost will be $12 at
the door.

Ed Kellner