Junior Grand Warden – R∴W∴ Donald W. Cowart

R∴W∴ Donald W. Cowart was born in Gainesville, Florida, and spent his formable years growing up in Alachua County. He attended elementary, junior, and high school in Gainesville. In the summer of 1966 his family moved to Brandon, Florida, where he attended Brandon High School. He graduated from Brandon High School in June of 1969 and went on to attend Hillsborough Community College for two years.

In September of 1969 he started his 41-year career with General Telephone and Electronics. He worked as a Cable Splicer for 4 years, before being promoted to Management as an Outside Plant Construction Manager. He retired in November of 2010.

R∴W∴ Cowart is married to Lady Dell.

R∴W∴ Cowart received the Three Symbolic Degrees of Freemasonry as a member of Temple Terrace Lodge No. 330 in Temple Terrace, Florida, in 1978. He dimitted to Brandon Lodge No. 114 in 2008 and is a Perpetual Member. He served his Lodge as Worshipful Master in 2013 and went on to serve as Secretary of his Lodge for six consecutive years. He is an active member of his District and served in various chairmanships from 2013 through 2018.

He was appointed District Deputy Grand Master by M∴W∴ Stephen P. Boring in 2015. He was appointed W∴ Senior Grand Steward in 2017 by M∴W∴ Richard G. Hoover, and Grand Marshal in 2019, as well as a member of the Corporate Board. He has also served on the Jurisprudence Committee for 3 years as well as various other Grand Lodge Committees: State Chairman for Grand Master Coin Sales in 2017 and 2018; Zone Chairman of the Membership Development Committee in 2014; Zone Chairman of the Grand Master’s Charity Committee in 2016; and District Chairman of the Membership Development Committee in 2017.

R∴W∴ Cowart received the Lifetime Appointment of being the Grand Representative of the Grand Orient Do Brazil in 2018 from R∴W∴ Richard G. Hoover.

R∴W∴ Cowart was elected to the Office of Junior Grand Warden on May 31, 2021, at the 192nd Annual Grand Communication in Orlando, Florida.

R∴W∴ Cowart is a member of the following Allied and Appendant Bodies: Scottish Rite Valley of Tampa; Royal Order of Scotland, Maxwell Clan; Egypt Shriners; Brandon Shrine Club; Zendah Grotto; Master Mason Association of Hillsborough County; York Rite – Plant City Chapter No. 16, R.A.M., Tyler Council No. 4, R. & S.M., Plant City Commandery No. 6, K.T.; and DeSoto Chapter No. 201 of the Order of the Eastern Star.

Junior Grand Warden’s Message

I would first like to thank every one of my Brothers in this Grand Jurisdiction for having the faith to elect me as your Junior Grand Warden for the 2021 Masonic year. I cannot express how proud and humbled I am by this experience.

As I have traveled the past year throughout this great state, driving over 35,000 miles and attending over 187 Lodges, I have discovered that some Lodges are doing quite well, while others are struggling to survive. We are fortunate that many Lodges are prospering, but it breaks my heart to see so many Lodges are failing, and our membership continues to decline. Our Fraternity needs all Lodges to prosper. Much of the problem can be directly correlated to a lack of Leadership, Accountability, and Commitment; and a renewed focus on these critical tenants will change the trajectory of our Fraternity for years to come.

I am currently working with a knowledgeable group of Brothers from across the state to develop a seminar focused on building these much-needed Leadership skills and I pledge to work with all Lodges that need help. We must take action to ensure the future of our great Fraternity!

I am also excited to work together with my fellow Elected Grand Lodge Officers to ensure that our Grand Master’s Membership Development Program is a huge success.

Let’s all work together to make this ensuing Masonic Year a great one!


R∴W∴ Donald W. Cowart
Junior Grand Warden 2021