Donations to Echo

Starting next week ECHO will only be opened on Wednesday and Friday 9am to 1pm. Remind the Brothers not to bring their donations to the lodge but take them straight to ECHO. They are in need of everything so it doesn’t matter what they take just don’t forget about them. And as always if any Brother needs assistance please contact us and my phone number and email address is in the tresselboard.

Thank you and stay safe.

Roscoe Love

Brain Storming

My Brothers,

I hope this finds you all well considering our current situation.  One of the consequences of “social distancing” and “sheltering in place” is a sense of loneliness and helplessness for some of our Brothers, especially those with limited mobility or highly at risk.

How can we, considering the limitations we have, reach out and provide assistance to these Brothers?

One technique used to solve complex problems is called “brainstorming”.  With most of us at home with a little time on our hands, I thought that I would ask each of us to consider a solution and send it to me.  I will consolidate the ideas and report them to the Worshipful Master.  The main rule of brainstorming is that no idea is wrong or worthless. 

I’ll be looking for your ideas by return email. Please to

Jack Hampton


A message from Worshipful Master Roscoe Love:

I have read the directive and decided to cancel the CPR class for Thursday. We can easily reschedule this for a later date. We will not meet at all on Thursday. We will wait and see about our next state’s communication. We will suspend all catechism, mentoring and degree practice for this week. It is an over kill but the health and safety of the craft is my main concern.

Roscoe Love
Worshipful Master

State of the Lodge

The night started with soup and sandwiches from the Junior Warden.

Masonic education was a “State of the Lodge” address from Worshipful Master Roscoe Love. WM Love spoke about all the things we did wonderfully last year, some things we didn’t do well, and all the great things we are going to do this year.