Meeting Times

2nd and 4th Thursdays 6:30PM Dinner/7:30PM  Meeting

Brandon Lodge No. 114 F&AM

A Mason’s Duty: The Sacred Tradition of Supporting Our Widows

The Masonic Brotherhood: A Commitment to Mutual Support

Freemasonry, often veiled in mystery and intrigue, is a brotherhood committed to mutual support, moral improvement, and community service. Among our most cherished obligations is the care for the families of members who have passed into the Great Beyond, especially their widows.

More Than Financial Aid: Emotional Support and Inclusion

Why do we place such emphasis on this duty? Freemasonry isn’t just a gathering of individuals; it’s a family, a community. When a brother departs from us, he leaves a legacy and loved ones who have been part of our extended Masonic family. It becomes our solemn duty to ensure that these widows are not left to face the hardships of life alone.

Financial support, though critical, is just one facet of our commitment. More importantly, we extend our hand in companionship and emotional support. We make it a point to include our widows in gatherings and social events, ensuring they remain an integral part of the community. They are not just beneficiaries of our charity but valued members of our Masonic family.

A Tradition Rooted in Compassion and Community

This tradition stems from the very roots of Freemasonry, where mutual aid and support were as fundamental as the square and compass. In times past, when social safety nets were non-existent, this support often meant the difference between dignity and destitution for a widow.

“In caring for our widows, we uphold the principles that every Mason swears to uphold: Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. This commitment is a tangible expression of our values, manifesting our belief in the strength of unity and the power of benevolence.”

From Our Lodge to a Widow’s Heart: Compassion in Action

This year, our Masonic family faced a profound loss. Brother Brian Knowles, our Junior Steward, was suddenly taken from us, leaving a deep void within our community and in the hearts of his family, who cherished his devotion to our fraternity.

Brother Brian’s widow faced a significant hurdle in returning to her home state. Her efforts to sell their home were complicated by potential homeowners’ association liens and fines due to the neglected front lawn, which was overrun with weeds. In a time of need, she contacted our lodge for support. Our response was swift and decisive. Members of the Brandon Lodge committed both financially and in labor to assist in refurbishing the front lawn.

Veteran’s Day: A Display of True Masonic Brotherhood

On November 11th, Veteran’s Day, a large group of brothers, many of whom are Veterans, gathered at the break of day, ready to lend their hands in a display of true Masonic brotherhood. They worked diligently, laying down new sod and mulch, transforming the appearance of the property. This act of service was more than just a physical task; it was a manifestation of our core principles, offering support and relief to a widow within our fraternity.

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