Meeting Times

2nd and 4th Thursdays 6:30PM Dinner/7:30PM  Meeting

Brandon Lodge No. 114 F&AM

Lodge History

In The Beginning

Freemasons helped build and lead America for over 200 years. The members of Brandon Masonic Lodge, chartered on January 22, 1890, have done the same for their respective communities for over 125 years.

Originally named Hacienda Lodge No. 114 F&AM, its first meetings were held in rooms over Pemberton’s Store in Seffner. In 1897 the Lodge moved to Thonotosassa, returning to Seffner in 1912. The Lodge moved to its current site in 1924 on land donated by Mrs. E.B. Linsley where a two-story structure was erected until the present building was dedicated on August 23, 1974.


Our Charter

By the Authority of The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Florida.

To all whom see these presents may concern, Greeting:

Whereas, It hath been duly represented to us that at, an in the vicinity of Brandon in Hillsborough County, State of Florida, USA, there reside a number of Master Masons who are desirous of associating themselves together, agreeably to the constitution of Ancient Freemasonry, and it appearing to us to be for the increase and promotion of Ancient Craft Masonry that the said brethren should be encouraged and properly enabled to proceed and work as heretofore they have been accustomed;

Now, therefore, Know Ye, that we, the said Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Senior Grand Warden and Junior Grand Warden o the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Florida and the masonic Jurisdiction thereunto belonging or appertaining, by and with the consent and probation of said Grand Lodge, as appears of record therein, do hereby constitute:

–  Brother Wm C. Moore to be Worshipful Master,

–  Brother Chas H. Spencer to be Senior Warden,

–  Brother Geo W. Emerson to be Junior Warden,

Together with all such regular Free Masons as are now, or may hereafter become members thereof, a regularly warranted or chartered Lodge of Free and Accepted masons, according to the old constitutions and the Constitution and laws of said grand Lodge of Florida, by the name, title and designation of Brandon Lodge No. 114.

And we hereby require and ordain that all regular Lodges throughout the world receive, acknowledge and respect them and their regular successors as such; hereby granting and committing to them, and their successors, full power and authority to open and hold a Regular Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, and by virtue of these presents to confer the degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason, according to the known and established customs and practices of Freemasonry, and not otherwise; and to elect and choose annually their successors in office and other officers, according to law; and also, to exact from their members such contributions as they shall adjudge necessary for the support of their Lodge, the relief of their brethren in distress ad fees to the Grand Lodge found agreeable to the laws of the Grand Lodge, recommending to the Brethren aforesaid to reverence and obey their superiors in all things lawful and honest, as becomes the honor and harmony of Masons; and to have properly recorded all their acts and doings proper to be written, from time to time; and be ever faithful and dutiful and loyal to their Lodge and the authority under which the same shall be held; all which, by acceptance hereof and organization hereunder, they are holden and engaged to observe; and the Brethren aforesaid, by accepting hereof, do acknowledge and recognize for themselves and their successors, the said Grand Lodge of Florida, and its authority as its superior, and will ever hold  due obligation to the same and obey the laws and mandates thereof.

In testimony whereof, we have hereto set our hands and caused the Grand Secretary of our said Grand Lodge to subscribe his name and affix the seal of our said Grand Lodge.  Done at Jacksonville, State of Florida, this 18th Day of January AL 5917 AD 1917.

M∴W∴ H.W. Long – Grand Master
R∴W∴ Angus Paterson – Deputy Grand Master
R∴W∴ Chas H. Munger – Senior Grand Warden
R∴W∴ John P. Nihlack – Junior Grand Warden

Original Charter granted to “Hacienda” Lodge No. 114 Jan 22 A.D. 1890.  Name changed to “Thonotosassa” 114 Jan. 20, 1897. Changed to “Seffner” No. 114, Jan 22, 1913, Changed to “Brandon” No. 114 in 1924. 

Witness my official signature and seal of the Grand Lodge of Florida this the 19th day of April A.D. 1928.

W.P. Webster
Grand Secretary


First Officers

W.C. Moore – Worshipful Master
C.H. Spencer – Senior Warden
C.W. Emerson– Junior Warden
J. Simpson– Treasurer
J.M. Duffie– Secretary
J.A. Johnson-Senior Deacon

J.A. Johnson-Senior Deacon
E. J. Yates-Junior Deacon (Installed Feb 15, 1890)
T.G. Anderson-Senior Steward
T.F. Parramore-Tyler
J.P. Hill-Chaplain

Charter Members

There were sixteen charter members including W.C. Moore, C.H. Spencer, J.P. Hill, D.E. Hazen, R.G. Brooker, and J.R. Brooker.

Our first initiated Brother was T.J. Baker who was elected on July 5, 1890.

Our Namesake:

Our Lodge, as well as our previous Lodge names, reflect where the Lodge was located at the time.

1890-1897 Hacienda Lodge 114
1897-1912 Thonotosassa Lodge No. 114
1912-1924 Seffner Lodge No. 114
1924-Present Brandon Lodge No. 114

A Change to our Name

Originally Chartered Hacienda Lodge 114 on January 22, 1890, the name was changed several times, as well as the location of the Lodge. In 1897 the Lodge moved to Lake Thonotosassa and changed its name to Thonotosassa Lodge No. 114, F&AM. In 1912 we moved to Seffner, and the name of the Lodge changed to Seffner Lodge No. 114 F&AM. On June 13, 1924, the Lodge finally moved to Brandon, and the name once again changed to Brandon Lodge No. 114 F&AM, where it remains today. The Lodge moved into our present building in 1974, and the old building was removed.

Our First Buildings

The Lodge first met in Pemberton’s Store in Seffner.  A committee was formed to secure a hall and recommended that a hall be rented from Bro. C.H. Spencer for $35 a year for at least three years. After the Lodge moved to Thonotosassa, it moved into an old school house in 1907. In 1912, the Lodge moved back to Seffner where purchased a lot from Miss M.S. Burson for $35.  In 1924, the lot and building were put on the market for $1,000. It sold on August 14, 1924 for $400. A lot was secured on the corner of Moon and Morgan when it moved to Brandon in 1924. The Lodge has been at its current location ever since.